COVID-19 October 2020

During these unprecedented times, it has been a confusing time for everyone, and knowing how to dispose of any waste has been a question for both professionals and domestic households. It is sure to create an increase of (trash) as the effects of COVID-19 prolong.

Emergency PPE Disposal

One important question which not a lot of people have asked, is where do all the emergency PPE and medical waste go? We have all seen the unfortunate rise in hospital admissions during the peak of the virus, and the amount of waste thus created has increased the demand for waste removal.

Different Types Of Medical Waste

As some may have assumed, it would not be logical to put sharp wastes such as needles into plastic bags, therefore the need to separate them with plastic containers. This developed further with anatomical waste such as body parts, or surgical waste (such as limbs and organ parts.)

Medicine is often separated into hazardous and non hazardous. The categories to distinguish How do NHS hospitals dispose of clinical waste?

Waste Disposal Centre Social Distancing

Social distancing is being enforced in all waste recycling centres accross the country which means the following things:

  • You must stay in your car until you are directed otherwise

  • You must follow the instructions from site staff regarding pedestrian walk way

  • You must maintain 2 metres (6ft) from other site users and staff

  • No assistance for unloading can be provided by site staff

  • You should wash your hands before and after handling your waste if you cannot sanitize your hands straight away you should wash your hands as soon as you return home.

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