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We have answered a number of frequently asked questions about Skip Hire

Yes, skip size is very important! If you choose a skip too small for your project, you’ll have leftover waste and need to hire a second skip. Order one too big and you’ve spent money you could have saved. Take a look at our skip size guide to find the best sized skip for your needs.

There are many benefits of hiring a skip, but foremost is the convenience it provides. Skip hire lets you dispose of large volumes of waste quickly, easily and affordably – with most of that waste being recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner here in Croydon.

Many of the materials which can’t be put into a skip are either electrical waste – which must be disposed of following WEEE regulations – or hazardous waste. You can’t throw your TV, microwave, toaster, computer – screen or tower – in a skip. And the same goes for any hazardous liquids, solvents or chemicals, too.

Once picked up, your skip is sent to our main site in Croydon and the waste is separated into general waste and recyclables. These are then processed and disposed of as necessary – we aim to recycle at least 90% of all waste we collect, in order to avoid a reliance on landfill.

To hire a skip, simply use our online booking process . A member of our team will call you if there are any issues. Questions we’ll ask you include the size of skip you think you’ll need, what you plan to put in it, where the skip will be placed, and if there are any licence requirements.

You should not fill higher than the sides of the skip and the contents should be level. This enables us to transport the skip safely and in accordance with all road laws. In general, weight is not a problem as our skip lorries can lift as much as eight tonnes. An example of where weight could become an issue, though, is if you fill the skip with soil which then becomes heavier due to rain. In situations like this where our lorry can’t lift the skip, or if your skip is overloaded, you’ll have to remove some of the contents. If you have queries on this point or would like clarification, please contact a member of our team via e-mail or live chat!

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